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News 25.3.2015

Publication interruption of the statistics on building and dwelling production continues

The publication interruption of the statistics on building and dwelling production that began in January continues for the time being. Statistics Finland has been unable to restart the publication of data yet because the Population Register Centre has not been able to deliver sufficiently extensive building register data to Statistics Finland used as the data source of the statistics.

The data have now been unreleased for three months; the latest released data describe October 2014.

The root of the problem is the extensive data system renewals carried out by the Population Register Centre. The Population Register Centre adopted a renewed Population Information System in November 2014. At the beginning of 2015, however, information technology problems occurred in registering the building permit data, which delayed the delivery of data to Statistics Finland. The IT problems have now been fixed and the data are technically formed correctly. The data on building projects are not, however, delivered extensively enough for Statistics Finland's use.

The implementation of the new system has not progressed as planned and the data in the Population Information System are deficient for several municipalities. Statistics Finland and the Population Register Centre work in tight cooperation in order to ensure data delivery and return the statistics into production.

Statistics on building and dwelling production are important when analysing economic cycles

The statistics on building and dwelling production describe the volume of construction subject to building permits and the volume of production. The statistics describe domestic construction production that is measured with the cubic capacity and number of dwellings of building projects.

These statistics are so-called fast statistics on business trends that are used extensively when analysing and predicting building production, the economic cycle and changes on the market. The data of the statistics also affect the compilation of national accounts.

The data that cannot be published now, will be released as soon as the data delivery is working. Normally, the statistics are published once a month around six weeks after the end of the statistical reference month.

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