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18 December 2012  Statistics Finland's organisation changes on 1 January 2013
Statistics Finland's organisation will be renewed as of 1 January 2013. In the renewal, in particular activities related to statistics production will be reorganised.

14 and 17 December 2012  Today's statistical releases are delayed due to technical problems. We will do our utmost to publish them as soon as possible.

14 December 2012  Information package on transport published
How many kilometres of motorways are there in Finland? And how many telephone subscriptions? These data can be found in Statistics Finland's new Transport and Communications Statistical Yearbook for Finland.

13 December 2012  Release Calendar 2013
Release dates have been published for official statistics in 2013.

11 December 2012  Statistical images of Finland and Finns
The newly published Statistical Yearbook of Finland 2012 describes precisely society and its development in Finland. The statistics in the Yearbook reveal such as what a year of changes the year 2011 was.

5 December 2012  Stats4Finland award to the Valttikunnat card game
In connection with the Apps4Finland 2012 competition, Statistics Finland has awarded a special prize for the best entry based on statistical data. The "Stats4Finland" award was given to the Valttikunnat (Trump municipalities) card game.

2 November 2012  Statistical data on those elected in the Municipal elections
The review prepared by Statistics Finland provides information on the age, education and income of those elected in the Municipal elections.

29 October 2012  Election map service now open
Statistics Finland's free election map service allows you to examine e.g. voting turnout, party support and changes in it by various area levels.

23 October 2012  Problems with Statistics Finland's web addresses
Statistics Finland's web and email addresses ending with, as well as databases do not function at the moment. There may also be problems with web addresses ending with

18 October 2012  Majority of Municipal election candidates men
Over 60 per cent of the candidates in the Municipal elections are men. The proportion of female candidates diminished somewhat from the previous elections. More information on the age, education and income of the candidates is available in the review produced by Statistics Finland.

16 October 2012  Finland's reporting of greenhouse gas emissions is of high quality
An international team of experts has reviewed Finland's greenhouse gas emissions report compiled by Statistics Finland for the year 2010. Finland's reporting was found to be of high quality.

15 October 2012  Information on Municipal elections available in the election information service
Statistics Finland's free of charge election information service provides versatile statistical data, illustrative maps and analyses. The first statistical data on the nomination of candidates will be released on 18 October 2012.

12 October 2012  Classification of Sectors reviewed
The Classification of Sectors used in economic statistics has been reviewed. In the review, the subdivision of financial corporations was particularly revised.

3 September 2012  ISLP Poster Competition
Finnish schools are challenged to the International Statistical Literacy Poster Competition. The theme of the poster competition intended for secondary school and upper secondary school students is agriculture.

30 August 2012  Statistics Finland will open a service point right in the centre of Helsinki
Statistics Finland will open a service point for statistical information in the new Kaisa House building of the Helsinki University Library on 3 September 2012. The service point will offer guidance and advice in the use of statistics and research data.

15 August 2012  Errors in latest data for statistics on rents of dwellings
Errors have been detected in data for the statistics on rents of dwellings released on 3 August 2012 concerning the second quarter of 2012. New, corrected figures will be released on Friday 24 August 2012 at 9 am.

15 August 2012  Statistics Finland surveys studying among adults
This August is the starting month of Statistics Finland's Adult Education Survey 2012, which is an extensive survey of post-comprehensive school education and learning among the adult population in Finland. Statistics Finland is interviewing over 6,000 persons aged between 18 and 69 in Finland for the survey.

30 July 2012  Learn to know and understand the Finnish way of life
How much time do Finns spend on work and leisure? What is the role of games and the Internet in the everyday life of the Finnish youth? Statistics Finland will organise in October a training course in English on the time-use patterns of Finns. Training course programme

11 July 2012  Diversified compilation publication on the environment
Statistics Finland's fresh publication Environment Statistics Yearbook 2012 contains statistical data on all themes related to our living environment. It is a collection of statistics describing the effects from human activities on the environment and the actions society has taken to protect it.

28 June 2012  Findicator goes mobile
The Findicator service built by Statistics Finland and the Prime Minister's Office is now also available as a mobile version.

21 June 2012  Energy in Finland - new pocketbook of energy statistics
Statistics Finland has published a new pocket-size book of statistics on energy. The compact information package contains fresh statistical data on the energy field in Finland.

13 June 2012  Statistics Finland becomes key partner in Apps4Finland competition
The Apps4Finland competition, which was declared open today, seeks best ideas and applications that make use of open data. In this year's competition, Statistics Finland will award a special Stats4Finland prize for the best entry based on statistical data.

13 June 2012  Up-to-date information on Finland in pocket size
Statistics Finland's freshly published Finland in Figures is a pocket-size compact information package about Finland and it people. The booklet also contains international comparison data.

1 June 2012  New service point for Statistics Finland in Kaisa House
Statistics Finland and the Helsinki University Library signed an agreement on 1 June 2012 about co-operation in library and information services. Statistics Finland will open a service point in the new Kaisa House building of the Helsinki University Library in September.

30 May 2012  Statistics Finland's Annual Report published
The Annual Report contains information on Statistics Finland's statistics production, products and services.

30 May 2012  Statistics Finland develops microsimulation
Statistics Finland is currently developing a new microsimulation model for income transfers and taxation, which can be utilised more widely than before in research, for instance.

14 May 2012  Handbook for the Consumer Price Index is now available online
Statistics Finland has published its handbook for the users of the Consumer Price Index free-of-charge on the web. The handbook gives guidance in the use of the Index by way of calculation examples.

14 March 2012  Summary data on mass media
A total of 194 newspapers were published in Finland in 2010. Newspapers accounted for close on 30 per cent of the turnover of mass communication. The fresh Finnish Mass Media 2011 publication provides a comprehensive overview of the mass media in Finland.

7 March 2012  The Findicator service now also in Swedish and English
The Findicator service built by Statistics Finland and the Prime Minister's Office is now also available in Swedish and English. In addition, the usability of the service has been improved and social media functions have been added to it.

27 February 2012  National accounts data will be released at 10 am on 2 March 2012
Statistics Finland will release preliminary national accounts data on economic development in 2011 at a press conference starting at 10 am on 2 March 2012. At the same time, statistics will also be released on general government deficit and debt, quarterly national accounts, and taxes and tax-like payments.

9 February 2012  Pentti Saikkonen and Timo Teräsvirta awarded Eino H. Laurila national income medal
The Eino H. Laurila national income medal for 2011 has been granted to Professor Pentti Saikkonen and Professor Timo Teräsvirta. The medals are granted in recognition of their internationally distinguished research in the field of time series econometrics.

31 January 2012  Digitisation alters cultural production and consumption
More and more cultural material is produced and consumed in digitised form. The value of CD sales has halved from the peak figures of the early 2000s, whereas the sales of digital sound recordings have multiplied many times over. This information derives from Statistics Finland's new publication Cultural Statistics 2011.

27 January  Data on prices of dwellings added to Key figures
Monthly data on prices of dwellings can now also be found in the Key figures section of Statistics Finland's homepage. The most important statistical data are published as Key figures.

27 January  Appointments at Statistics Finland
Statistics Finland has made appointments for the Directors of the Social Statistics and Population Statistics Departments, the Director of Information Services and the Director of IT and Statistical Methods.

26 January 2012  Information about the Presidential election from the election map service
Statistics Finland's free-of-charge election map service can be used to examine such as voting turnout and its changes from the previous Presidential elections, candidates with most votes and shares of votes in different area levels.

25 January 2012  Statistics Finland is making further utilisation of statistical data easier
Statistics Finland has confirmed new Terms of Use for the utilisation of already published statistical data. In them, Statistics Finland grants a universal right to the use of the data published in its website service and in related free statistical databases.

9 January 2012  Statistics Finland to study household consumption
In early January, Statistics Finland launches its Household Budget Survey 2012, which is an extensive study of the consumption and cost of living of households in Finland. In the Survey, Statistics Finland will interview by telephone 8,000 households representing all households in Finland.



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