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1. Introduction

The main objective of the Innovation Survey is to examine the prevalence and extent of innovation activity and to chart the characteristics and measures related to innovation activity.

The Innovation Survey 2008 is part of the joint Community Innovation Survey (CIS2008) project of the EU Member States coordinated by Eurostat, the Statistical Office of the European Statistics, which means that a corresponding survey is conducted in other EU Member States as well. The survey makes use of a harmonised data collection questionnaire and uniform definitions and methods.

The survey concerned the three-year period 2006-2008 and covered enterprises employing at least ten people in manufacturing (incl. mining and quarrying, electricity, gas and air-conditioning supply, and water supply and waste management) and in certain service industries. The target group of the survey and the implementation of the survey are described in more detail in the quality description.

The final results of the survey differ slightly from the preliminary data released in March 2010. The reason for this is a methodological change made to the estimation of the data.

Source: Innovation 2008, Statistics Finland

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