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1. Introduction

The Innovation Survey 2010 was part of the joint Community Innovation Survey (CIS 2010) project of the EU Member States co-ordinated by Eurostat, the Statistical Office of the European Communities, which means that a corresponding survey has been conducted in other EU Member States as well. The survey makes use of a harmonised data collection questionnaire and uniform definitions and methods.

In addition to harmonised EU data, the Finnish survey collected other types of data that were considered important for the description of innovation activity. The questions asked at the national level related to topics such as the enterprise’s main position in the production value chain as well as procedures used by enterprises to integrate user orientation in their innovation activity and in the manufacture of innovative products.

The majority of the results by size category and industry are available in the database tables on the statistics website. The tables also present the corresponding data from the previous survey. The results on human health and social work activities are reported in separate tables, since they are not included in the population of the harmonised EU survey.

Source: Innovation 2010, Statistics Finland

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