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Statistics on economic trends

Statistics on economic trends measure short-term developments in various factors and areas of economy. National accounts depict the overall state of economy. These statistics are produced by Statistics Finland.

Annual national accounts
National accounts is a statistical system that describes Finland’s national economy comprehensively, systematically and precisely.
Statistics Finland publishes statistics on the bankruptcy cases instigated and decided by district courts.
Building and dwelling production
The statistics on building and dwelling production describe the volume of construction subject to building permits and quarterly changes in it.
Building cost index
The building cost index describes relative changes in the building costs of building works and buildings of essentially identical structures by monitoring developments in the prices of the basic inputs used in their building.
Building permits
The statistics on granted building permits describe monthly development in the number of building permits.
Consumer price index
The Consumer Price Index describes the price development of goods and services purchased in Finland by households resident in Finland.
Consumer survey
The consumer survey expresses consumers’ views and intentions relating to economic matters.
Cost index of civil engineering works
The cost index of civil engineering works describes changes in the costs incurred by civil engineering enterprises from the purchase and use of inputs.
Index of turnover in industry
The index of turnover in industry describes development in the turnover of manufacturing enterprises.
Index of turnover of construction
The index of turnover of construction describes monthly development in the turnover of construction companies.
Index of wage and salary earnings
This is an index measuring development in wage and salary earners’ earnings for regular working hours.
Job vacancy survey
The job vacancy survey produces quarterly information about open job vacancies in Finland.
Labour cost index
The labour cost index describes the development in the cost of labour for an hour worked in the private sector.
Labour force survey
The Labour Force Survey collects statistical data on the participation in work, employment, unemployment and activity of persons outside the labour force among the population aged between 15 and 74.
New orders in manufacturing
The index of new orders in manufacturing describes development in the value of new orders received by enterprises for commodities and services that are meant to be produced by establishments located in Finland.
Prices of dwellings
The statistics on the prices of dwellings describe development in the prices of dwellings in old blocks of flats and terraced housing.
Producer price indices
The producer price indices measure the development of commodity prices from the perspective of enterprises.
Producer price indices for services
The producer price index for services describes development in the prices of services from the viewpoint of enterprises and the public sector.
Quarterly national accounts
Quarterly national accounts describe Finland’s economy systematically and according to the same concepts and definitions as annual national accounts, but at a more aggregated level.
Quarterly statistics on the finances of municipalities
Quarterly statistics on the finances of municipalities describe development in the finances of Finnish municipalities exclusive of municipal enterprises in the whole country by quarter according to the execution of budgets.
Statistics on manufacturing inventories
The statistics on manufacturing inventories describe the current priced values of the inventories of manufacturing enterprises by industry.
Trend Indicator of Output
The Trend Indicator of Output endeavours to forecast the monthly development of the national economy.
Turnover of service industries
The index of turnover of service industries describes development in the turnover of service branch enterprises (excl.
Turnover of trade
The index of trade turnover describes development in the turnover of enterprises engaged in trade.
Volume index of industrial output
The volume index of industrial output describes development in the volume of industrial output.
Volume index of newbuilding
The volume index of newbuilding describes changes in the value at constant prices of newbuilding in domestic building construction from the comparison period or the base year of the index.
Wage and salary indices
The wage and salary indices describe development in the wages and salaries subject to preliminary tax withholding paid during a calendar month.