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Labour Market

Statistics describing the labour force, participation in it, employment and unemployment are produced under this topic. The scope of the topic also extends to statistics on job vacancies, occupational accidents and labour disputes, and to statistics describing working conditions and changes in them.


Employment Service Statistics
The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment compiles Employment service statistics on the clients of the employment and economic development offices: jobseekers (most unemployed jobseekers) registered at the employment and economic development offices, vacancies reported by employers and services which aim to advance the employment of the job seekers.
Job vacancy survey
The job vacancy survey produces quarterly information about open job vacancies in Finland.
Labour force survey
The Labour Force Survey collects statistical data on the participation in work, employment, unemployment and activity of persons outside the labour force among the population aged between 15 and 89.
Occupational accident statistics
The statistics on occupational accidents contain annual data on the occupational accidents that have occurred to wage and salary earners and own-account workers in agriculture.
Quality of work life
The quality of work life survey is an extensive personal interview survey conducted since 1977 to monitor employees’ working conditions and changes in them.
Statistics on labour disputes
The statistics on labour disputes describe the labour disputes organised in Finland by employees or employers.

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