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Government Finance

Statistics describing the finances and activities of general government, such as those on the financial statements of municipalities and joint municipal boards come under this topic. The scope of the topic also extends to statistics on the support and funding granted by central government and public financial corporations to non-financial corporations, on the productivity of government activities, and on general government deficit and debt.


General government debt by quarter
The purpose of quarterly reporting on general government debt is to follow the indebtedness of public economies in EU Member States in accordance with the Stability and Growth Pact of the EU.
General government deficit and debt
These statistics contain data on the deficit and debt of government finance in Finland.
General government expenditure by function
The statistics describe general government expenditure by function and sub-sector on the basis of national accounts data.
General government revenue and expenditure by quarter
The statistics describe quarterly data on the revenue and expenditure of general government.
Taxes and tax-like payments
The statistics on taxes and tax-like payments contain data on the taxes and compulsory social security contributions central and local governments and social security funds collect annually.

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