The scope of this topic extends to statistics describing the financial statements of enterprises, corporations and enterprises and their establishments, and to monthly indicators on business activity.


Enterprise openings and closures
These statistics are derived from data in Statistics Finland’s Business Register.
Finnish affiliates abroad
The statistics describe the global location of Finnish enterprises’ activities and the significance of these activities abroad.
Foreign affiliates in Finland
The statistics describe the activities of foreign affiliates located in Finland.
Foreign direct investments
Direct investments to Finland describe the capital that a foreign investor has invested directly in a unit located in Finland under the investors' control or influence.
Regional statistics on entrepreneurial activity
The regional statistics on entrepreneurial activity contain data on the establishments of enterprises operating in Finland by industry and region.
Statistics on business subsidies
The statistics on business subsidies contain data on business subsidies by type of subsidy.
Statistics on manufacturing and trade inventories
The statistics on manufacturing and trade inventories describe the current priced values of inventories of manufacturing and trade enterprises by industry.
Structural business and financial statement statistics
The structural business and financial statement statistics describe enterprises operating in Finland.

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