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Statistics concerning the production, consumption, imports, exports and prices of energy, and investments in energy come under this topic, as well as statistics on environmental emissions from the consumption and production of energy.


Consumption of hard coal
The statistics describe the use of hard coal in generation of electricity and heat in Finland.
Energy consumption in households
Statistics on energy consumption in households describe the annual amount and structure of energy consumption related to housing and from which sources energy is acquired for heating residential buildings.
Energy prices
The statistics present information about energy prices and energy taxes and tax-like payments.
Energy supply and consumption
The statistics present information about total consumption of energy, electricity production and total consumption and imports and exports of energy.
Energy use in manufacturing
The statistics on energy use in manufacturing describe the use of energy in manufacturing by energy source, industry and region.
Production of electricity and heat
The statistics describe the production of electricity and heat and fuels consumed on production in Finland.
Wood pellets
The statistics cover annual data on wood pellet production, foreign trade (exports and imports) and deliveries based on domestic pellet production.

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