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Statistics under this topic describe offences recorded by the police, offences considered by courts of justices, prosecutions, sentences, punishments given and enforcement of sentences, and activities of the police, prosecutors and courts of justice, and debt matters.


Bankruptcies and business restructuring proceedings
The Statistics on bankruptcies and business restructuring proceedings statistics describe the bankruptcy cases instigated and decided by district courts.
Enforcement matters
Statistics Finland publishes statistics on enforcement matters pending and concluded in the enforcement districts of the Ministry of Justice, and on debtors in these matters.
Mediation in Criminal and Civil Cases
The statistics contain data on cases referred to mediation offices and the separate offences contained within the cases, as well as also on domestic violence cases and civil cases.
Prosecutions, sentences and punishments
These statistics contain data on the sentences issued and waived, and charges rejected by courts of first instance.
Restructuring of debts
Statistics Finland publishes statistics on cases concerning the restructuring of private debts handled and concluded by district courts.
Statistics on offences and coercive measures
The statistics on offences and coercive measures focus on describing the regional distributions of crime and the use of coercive measures by the police, customs and border guard.

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