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Prices and Costs

Statistics depicting prices and the development of costs, as well as price and cost indices describing changes in them are produced under this topic.


Alcoholic beverage price trends
The statistics describe trends in the consumer prices of alcoholic beverages, describing price changes in relation to a chosen reference point.
Building cost index
The building cost index describes relative changes in the building costs of building works and buildings of essentially identical structures by monitoring developments in the prices of the basic inputs used in their building.
Consumer price index
The Consumer Price Index describes development in the prices of products and services purchased by households in Finland.
Cost index of civil engineering works
The cost index of civil engineering works describes changes in the costs incurred by civil engineering enterprises from the purchase and use of inputs.
Index of producer prices of agricultural products
The index of producer prices of agricultural products measures developments in the producer prices of vegetable and animal products.
Index of purchase prices of the means of agricultural production
The index of purchase prices of the means of agricultural production measures the price developments in the cost factors of agriculture.
Index of real estate maintenance costs
The index of real estate maintenance costs describes average development in the prices of diverse cost items of real estate maintenance in the whole country, including administration, use and maintenance, upkeep of outdoor areas, cleaning, heating, water supply and sewage, electricity, waste management, insurance against loss or damage, and running maintenance.
International price comparison
The objective of international price comparing is to produce purchasing power parities.
Price index of public expenditure
The price indices of public expenditure (PIPE) measure the development of prices in the expenditure of central and local governments.
Producer price indices
The producer price indices measure the development of commodity prices from the perspective of enterprises.
Producer price indices for services
The Producer Price Index for Services describes the price development of services provided by enterprises to other enterprises and the public sector (Business to Business, BtoB), to households (Business to Consumers, BtoC) and to all end users (Business to All, BtoAll).
Purchase Price Statistics of Real Estates
The National Land Survey (NLS) maintains a register of real estate sales showing all conveyances including sales, exchanges, donations and contracts on partition an also precontracts on sale of real estate.

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