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This topic covers statistics on the size and structure of the permanently resident population and related changes, such as births, deaths, marriages, migration. Statistics on employment, families and household-dwelling units, as well as population projections by area are also produced under this topic.


The statistics on adoptions contain data about children adopted from Finland or abroad by a person or persons permanently resident in Finland.
The statistics on births contain all the children whose mother was permanently resident in Finland at the time of their birth.
Changes in marital status
The statistics on changes in marital status describe changes in the marital status of men and women permanently resident in Finland.
Citizenships granted
These statistics describe the foreign citizens permanently resident in Finland who have been granted Finnish nationality during the statistical year.
The statistics on deaths cover persons permanently domiciled in Finland on the day of death.
Employment statistics are annual statistics providing data by region on the population’s economic activity and employment.
Families are formed at the turn of the year from persons living in the same dwelling according to the population information system of The Digital and Population data services Agency.
The statistics on migration describe the moving of individual persons.
Population projection
Population projections describe future population developments.
Population structure
These statistics on the structure of the population describe Finnish and foreign citizens permanently resident in Finland at the turn of the year.
Preliminary population statistics
The preliminary population statistics contain data on population changes and population structure.

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